9:54AM Thursday, January 29 2008


The Ask Koffi forum is proud to announce that there is a new staff member on the team. Beno has been selected and accepted to join us. We welcome him with open arms.

If you want to be a potential staff member, you need to prove your worthy. So register now, join the fun, and make this forum huge!, and who knows, you might just be joining us on the staff.


7:22PM Tuesday, January 20 2008

Hello again,

The forum is basically completed. There may be some more forums added later but the ones that are currently there, will stay there. There will some graphics placed onto the forum as soon as we can.

We are also currently looking for staff members, but for this to happen we need members and members who will post, ans post frequently.

So register now, join the fun, and make this forum huge!


7:45PM Sunday, January 18 2008

Hello and welcome to 'Ask Koffi' - the place for you to get answers from Koffi.

As you can see this forum is relatively new, with little members. However, we wish to become one of the largest and most friendly forums on the net. To be able to achieve this, we require YOUR help.

This is what you need to do:

First, simply click on the register button and sign up for free. No account activation required. Just sign up and go. Simple.

Secondly, we need you to ask your questions. Ask whatever you like, as long as you keep it appropriate. Not only could you get an answer from Koffi, but other registered members can answer your question too. This means you get many opinions.

Thirdly, we need your help to get more members. Tell your friends and family about us (if you like, you can tell your dog too). Add a link to us in your MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo or whatever. Spread the word about the "Ask Koffi" forum. The more members, the more answers, the more fun you have.

And lastly, have FUN! That's why we are here, to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

Thank you for viewing and we look forward to hearing from you.