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    Rules & Regulations **Must Read** Empty Rules & Regulations **Must Read**

    Post by Koffi on Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:49 pm

    Hello Members/Guests.

    Members, it is important that you read the following rules before posting, and guests, if you are thinking about registering then it is strongly advised that you read the following rules:

    1. Please no double posting. If you post and you realize you have made a spelling error, or wish to add something to your post, please use the "Edit" Button. If you accidentally post the same message twice in a row, please edit the second post, and put something like ' *Double post* ", and an 'Ask Koffi' Staff Member will come along and delete that post.

    2. NO advertising. Do not post up a link to other forums, weather it be in the forum, through your signature, in your avatar, or via PM. Private messages are 100% Private, but ideally, a honest member, also known as a good member, will report it to an 'Ask Koffi' Staff Member.

    3. No abuse. Whilst swearing is allowed, and even arguments are OK, but when it gets to the stage where all is being said is flat out abuse, this will ensure a ban.

    4. Stick to the default colour. Please do not use a different colour or bold in your posts. Bold and colour is used for moderation only. You will receive a warning if caught.

    5. Do not reply to moderated messages. Moderated messages are messages that 'Ask Koffi' Staff Members use and are in colour and bold.

    6. No Racism. We do not tolerate any racism at all. People from a whole range of countries can read what you are saying and can be considered offensive. Members who break this rule will receive a permanent ban on the first sighting.

    7. Use the search bar. Make sure that when you post a new topic, that there isn't already the exact topic in existence on this forum. You can make sure of this by using the 'Search' feature.

    8. No support via PM. If you have a question about the site, please post it in the forum, and not via PM. All staff are under strict instructions not to answer any support through the Private Message system.

    9. Be polite when asking something. Always try and sound polite and approach the situation professionally when you are asking something.

    10. No pornography. This one is very self explanatory. There is a time and a place, and believe it or not it is not on a public message forum.

    11. No spam. Spam, aka useless posting that just takes up time and space just to get your post count up. Remember, its not about the amount of posts you have, its the quality of your posts that matter.

    12. No offensive material, Please do not post up any images, videos, or anything that contains any sort of offensive material.

    Avatar Rules:
    Your avatar may not contain any pornography, or offensive material. You cannot put anything in your avatar that you would not put up on the forum. Your avatar may not be larger than 130 x 130 pixels.

    5 Day Ban
    30 Day Ban
    Permanent Ban
    Above are the bans that you may receive, if you violate any of these rules, considering on the seriousness, you may receive any of them.

    Should you have any questions you can reach the 'Ask Koffi' Staff Members via PM.

    General User Information & Advice.

    1. When posting, make sure it is in the correct forum, and has appropriate detail, and content.
    2. When replying, think of an appropriate response and don't respond because you can, respond when you have something worth saying. Make sure everything is readable and makes sense before clicking the reply button.
    3. Read all sticky and announcement topics, they usually have important information in them.
    4. If you find yourself in a unfavorable situation whereby you or another has broken the rules, leave your posts alone and do not edit them, report the topic through the report button in the post frame. This will alert the moderating team.
    5. Do not diffuse situations yourselves, report the problem, and let our staff handle them.
    6. Treat people how you would like to be treated.
    7. When posting, be polite, a polite post will get more results, especially when you are requesting something.

    The 'Ask Koffi' Staff.

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